Creativity runs in my family...

My mom, my grandmother, my grandfather – all incredibly talented artists. They all had their own unique style that they fully embraced, and I was determined to find mine. My whole life I’ve been a realist when it comes to art. Photographs, portraits, landscapes, you name it and I could recreate it to the very last detail. I had always struggled with the concept of abstract art as I couldn’t accept the fact that it didn’t represent something familiar or tangible. To me, it was just unfinished. 

It wasn’t until I moved to Venice Beach, California in 2016 where I was completely immersed into this type of art. Every street corner you turned down, there were bright colors, shapes, words, that didn’t really mean anything at first glance, but somehow, over time, this type of art started to become familiar, become something recognizable, something I understood. 

I started to break down things like the ocean, the sand, the trees into colors and movement. This led me on a path to discovering fluid art. Its organic and free flowing nature allowed me to create works that are truly inspired by the world around me. It gave me the comfort of creating based on something familiar but also allowing me to express a quality and existence apart from something known. 

Each painting is different and for that reason I don’t sell prints, only originals. This way, each person who has one of my paintings, has something completely unique and one of a kind!

Outside of painting, I love to travel, surf, hike, and take advantage of all that the beautiful state of California has to offer with my husband and our dog, Charley!